At Shakya Art Emporium, we have always been about people. We understand the value of human creativity, their skills, but most importantly, the amount of effort one spends on their endeavors. That is why loyalty is never scarce in the company. Whilst handicraft comprises of various production stages, most of which require specialized hand skill and therefore all the work are done from individual’s respective homes, our fellow artists of Nepal always seem to be delighted brining new designs to Shakya Art Emporium.

With time, we have also learned value added for our customers. Our attention always seem to be on how we can offer you that marginal satisfaction from our products, may it be creative designs, extension to created art or simply value for money, the brain clock keeps ticking.

From our returning customers, we know they love the fact that we do not compromise on the quality of our goods. Thus, rest assured, we intend to continue the trend.