Old Paper

Shakya Art Emporium is a family orientated business, which can be backdated all the way to 1860 under the company name “JujumanSidhiman,” two brothers, our fore fathers.The baton has since been passed on from one generation to another. It was in the late nineteen seventies when the ship sailed boundaries and went global under the stewardship of Pushkar Man Shakya with an export company “Shakya Art Emporium Pvt. Ltd, founded in 1973. The company achieved much success as the pioneer of export of Nepalese Art & Handicraft. One door led to another and the business diversified from traditional handicraft to Nepalese Woollen Carpet, thus well known entities such as Tsong Kapa Carpet and Carpet House were established and thrived. Other Nepalese products such as Woolen Sweater, Nepalese Tea & Organic Coffee were exported with great success.

Shakya Art Emporium has now been reestablished with a very simple objective, promote quality. We are determined to bring you the best in the market, extremely high quality and unique products. Over time, we have added one more dimension to our objective, value added. We try to come up with value added designs to satisfy your utmost desire for the best.