Yes, we got it all, experience, versatile, youth, creative, dynamic, efficient. Here are the brains behind the wheels.

Our Team

Pushkar Man Shakya – Managing Director Pushkar

The man behind the development of the Shakya empire, the team leader of the current generation of the Shakya clan, the dare devil who ventured beyond the borderline of Nepal into exploring the new world and beyond, Pushkar Man Shakya, Founder & Managing Director of Shakya Art Emporium brings heaps of experience into the team. Pushkar has played a key role historically in the introduction of Nepal’s Handicraft to the world. During the late seventies, he was one of the first people to take part in fairs and exhibitions in Europe & America with Nepalese Art. He was also one of the prime manufacturer and exporter of Nepalese Carpet to Europe.

He is also an active Rotary member, Past President and District Vice President.

Currently, he is also the vice chairman of World Craft Council – Asia Pacific and Immediate Past President of Federation of Handicraft Association of NEPAL.


Sajil Man Shakya – Chief Operating Officer & Head of Marketing & Sales Sajil

A recent returnee from Europe after a decade, Sajil Man Shakya brings efficiency and creativity to the team. He has no meddling about him, a very action oriented guy. He graduated from Hogeschool INHOLLAND, Amsterdam in Bachelors in International Business Management and completed his BBA from Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent. He holds a Masters Degree in Corporate Finance & Investments from London Metropolitan University. He also brings valuable work experience from Europe, which has led the company to adapt to Western work culture, perhaps easing and bringing efficiency to our own work culture. He worked as an Investors Relations Officer in Citco Fund Services B.V. (Europe) in Amsterdam and as Sales Executive & Corporate Account Manager for Deliverance in London.

Sajil has been working towards giving a new face to the company with all new marketing collateral as well as bringing efficiency to the company with new work procedures.



Shristina Shakya – Head Designer Shristina

Probably the one who puts C in Creative for Shakya Art Emporium, Shristina is a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Delhi. A free lancer, however, never free. She works for various Non Government Organizations in Nepal as well as for different private houses. Her creativity is clearly visible on her Pashmina (Cashmere) designs, one of the highflying items. She’s had various successful fashion shows hosted in the valley and she has been able to establish herself as a reputed designer in Nepal.




Sujal Man Shakya – Sales Executive (Europe) Sujal

 One of the youngest members of the group, therefore, the most energetic one and full of ideas, Sujal holds a BBA degree from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. He is currently doing his MBA from Edinburgh Business School in the UK. He utilizes his leisure time marketing in Europe for Shakya Art Emporium. He was also Business Analyst for Deliverance in London where he has gained expert knowledge on good operation management practice.   





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